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francisco giants are on their way thoworld series -- to the world series. it was a blow out. san francisco beating the cardinals 9-0 to win the national league pennate. in the pouring rain most of the crowd staid in their seats -- stayed in their seats. the giants face the tigers at at&t park on wednesday. gary radnich is here with more on this victory and what the team can expect in the world series. >> here we go. we roll it out, 43,056 fans at the park in san francisco. st. louis had one shot here in the top of the second. trailing 1-0. matt cain bought this leaping catch from crawford to save two runs and from there it was all giants. matt cain worked into the 6th. threw 122 pitches. hunter pence breaking from his slump. bases clearing number. 5-0 giants. st. louis outscored the final three games of the series 20-1. 20-1. you got to check out the rain. that was the only drama down the stretch. if this were a close game they may have halted play. but when it is 9-0, get this over with and crown the giants e. in 7 games, champions of the national league. as pam said, the tigers wednesday
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> the san francisco giants are in detroit to preparing for game no. 3 in the world series. this is video. kron 4 was the only local station here as the players and coaches got off the charter bus and went into the locker room. j. r. stone and follow them and how they are getting ready for tomorrow night. >> the giants have a right they are in detroit getting ready to take on the tigers in less than 24 hours. >> i would say that we are in a great position. >> the managers say that his team is ready to a giants. >> what are your thoughts when the san francisco giants? >> 8 have a couple of days. >> yes it has been. >> there are especially tired of powell some of all. >> when you think of pablo sandoval? >> i quickly became a witness to the crime. he came out of the store with merchandise in broad daylight but not as half as more of as this other man predicted. >> we are going to win one game. and we are going to have three straight victories in detroit. and then, the world series champions, the detroit tig
. the charges against mirkarimi are not sustained. >> this vote is a defeat for san francisco mayor, ed lee, who wanted mirkarimi removed from office. you're looking at a live look from outside san francisco city hall where the meeting just wrapped up. 7 supervisors voted to sustain the charges of official misconduct. 4 voted to reinstate. he pleaded guilty in march to fall imprisonment charges related to an argument he had on new year's eve he had with his wife. he is currently on probation and in domestic violence counseling. it's unclear when he will get back to work. >>> gasoline prices at another record high today. take a look at the gas prices from aaa. san francisco at $4.74, oakland $4.68. san jose, $4.67. price relief could come any day. officials are making the less extensive winter blend fuel. but don't expect the prices to drop by a significant amount. >> we probably will maintain over the $4 mark. but we will probably be paying a lot less for gas per gallen of unleaded regular in the next 3-4 days. >> experts believe the price of gas will start to drop by the weekend because it take
in detroit. not see much the case here in san francisco. you're looking at a live shot here on the live truck. >> there are go. >> there they go. the fans -- >> get off of my truck. all right. technology. as we look at the van that is safe. back in 2000 with the as and giants were playing in new york. to do what jr did tonight by himself, i stood there and talked, 10 people with us. just the technology. he did it by himself. >> this takes multitasking to to a new level. all right. we're going to move onto a mission there. all right. people there, rockets, fireworks. people on the light poles. do we have reggie on the line? >> we do. the fireworks are still going off. a lot of people in the streets here at 16th. people are holding brooms proving that the giants swept the series. still scheming and yelling. no violence has broken out as of yet. i have not been to the scene where the bond fire was sparked a couple of blocks away. i have been working on other stuff there, but 20 minutes no violence out there either. fans just banging on signs. >> all right. that's good news. the area, there is an
the tigers and now they are soaking in the glow of victory. the san francisco giants arrived today and as kron 4's dan kerman tells us, he was there at at&t park. >> the buses carrying the san francisco giants returned to a cheering crowd outside at&t park. 4:40 p.m. monday afternoon. many of the players and their families were glad to be back in town and overwhelmed with what the team accomplished. >> humbling. i can't believe it. grateful to be a part of it. >> reporter: world series mvp pablo sandoval grabbed the world series trophy and walked it up for the fans to see and then passed it to sergio romo who capped the series by striking out the last three batters. >> unreal. unreal. the city definitely derves this, the team -- deserves this, the team. what a ride. what a way to reward everybody. >> reporter: this is the weekend world series trophy for the giants in three years. and manager bruce bochy says this is extra sweet. >> with our backs against the wall, makes this more special. it is amazing, historic and eventually they will sit back this winter and realize what they a
penny. >> just one more day before the san francisco giants play the st. louis cardinals at at&t park. they have been all sold out for quite some time accord with tickets sold already to season-ticket holders. >> we drew a lottery. and those are already sold. >> another place is stubhub at $120 and as much as $88,000. >> prices really escalate. a bill that is not going to happen right now >> that is still available with at least a 400 tickets available. on monday, there are 7000 tickets at the same price range. >> it is a pretty strong secondary market. with these two teams playing it should be exciting. >> the giants are my favorite team. ainge or this is sport more than anything else. >> some are willing to not willing to shell out that cash. >> will agree its seats at home. >> the device? the become a season-ticket holder. >> the-and vice and also for contingent games are risk- free. for the advice. >> at&t and park it is difficult to get tickets for this time of year. >> for tickets at two purchase on-line is that those seats are secure before the market value becomes into play. i
is spending the night in san francisco tonight after a star studded concert and speech. it was part of a fundraising trip across california. tickets for tonight went for $7,500. president obama used the venue to rev up support. >> the superpiece of governor romney is a tax cut for the welty. don't boo, vote -- wealthy. don't boo, vote. he stood up on stage, promised his tax cuts would include the top 1%. he promised this. most of the economickest who crunched the number said the plan would blow up the deficit or raise taxes on the middle class. one or the other. that is how math works. >> the visit brought out a few protesters and lots of supporters. kron 4's reggie kumar is live near the bill graham civic auditorium with more tonight. >> reporter: the president left bill graham civic auditorium an hour ago. he spoke 22 minutes. those who attended loved every minute of it. >> reporter: this is president obama leaving monday night's night's fundraiser at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets range from $22 to $100 which included a concert. >> he talked about his plans for the fut
beach and san francisco a look a your extended forecast with cloud coverage and sunshine. warmer temperatures and even warmer towards sunday as room loo as we look with nearly 90 degrees for the inland valleys. and 80s for the bay shore. >> new at 11:00 p.m. this * the size of a 10 story building was and 60,000 mi. of planet earth. that is actually pretty close in comparison with the move is 250,000 mi. away. the asteroid was discovered last week discovering at eight times the speed of a bullet. it would have caused widespread describe destruction of 100 mi. across. the with the shuttle endeavor is making its way across los angeles moving on surface streets to the california science center. chars clifford has the details. >> the space shuttle has a 70 ft. so wingspan and weighs 170,000 lbs.. it is been moving very slowly with a special transport the voice. take a look at this video. with someone so large with a special- transporting device they have been deactivating power lines. let us take a look at google earth. this shuttle has been at the last couple weeks at lax. if left fr
thought it was a good game. >> i thousand it was just a tiff night for san francisco. hopefully they can pull it off. they made history in the last series. >> it took too long to get warmed up. they's bounce back. >> okay, that is the fans take of the game and now jason has the highlights. >>> all right, ole low and a big day of tort--hello and a big day, everybody. the giants three state win since hunter pence is here. and now it is given up to david freeze, 2-0 cardinals but they were not fin anywhered. top four, now 4-0 when carlos takes it yard. but the giants do respond. in the bottom half another frame, here is one to deep right center field. two score, and now it is 6-3. and now brandon crawford singles to then four runs are score in the the fourth. and it is 6-4. this game fast became a pull pen game for both teams, the nice sliding catch there by koa. and now add ward edward, five and a third, two hits, no runs. the cardinal lead the series 1-0? >> we had our guy out another there. you know, the guys--out there. you know, the guys did a great job battling back. >> they put a hom
themselves after san francisco closed out game 1, the giants beat the tigers, and fans understand how big it was to win this game! diehard fans, casual fans, it didn't matter! everyone was into it! it the most popular tonight, cheers for starter barry zito! he's quickly become a postseason hero! >> it was a happy one! a winning game! >> this is what the giants are all about! and it's absolutely phenomenal! this team has so much depth, so much amazing quality, and zito has carried it out! and honestly, we are -- >> zito! zito! zito smchlt! >> we're super excited. it was awesome. i believe the giants will go all the way. pannedo hit 3 home runs -- panda hit 3 home runs. >> it was pretty damn good! i love that game ! >> it was amazing! >> reporter: and it was also a sell-out, just shy of 43,000 in attendance. tomorrow madison bumgarner will take the mound. >>> at least six people were arrested outside. at&t park during the game for public intoxication and driving under the influence. san francisco police department also cracked down on panhandlers and ticket scalpers. police rode motorcycle
is wednesday and the giants leave to st. louis tomorrow. live in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> thank you. while everybody is celebrating the win giants fans also talking about this slide, matt holliday sliding into second base, he plows into scutaro, injuring his hip. he did leave the game a few innings later. he is getting x-rays. gary will have more on the game coming up later in sports. >>> another murder in oakland bringing the homicide count for the year into triple digits. a man was shot and killed before 1:00 a.m. here on hilton street. it was oakland's 100th murder of the year. at this point last year they had 92 homicide. 110 total for last year. 2011. 2010, 95 murders. 2009, 110. 2008, 100. i am grant lodes, kron 4 news. >>> with the rise in homicide the city now trying a different approach to reduce the number of violent crimes. called operation cease fire. the point is to stop the amount of gun violence by using citizens to help police convince violent offenders there is another way. >> you bring them in and you let the community speak to them. it is so importan
have taken a 2-run lead in the nl championship series by outlasting the san francisco giants 3-1 in a game that was interrupted by a 3.5 hour rain delay! stellar pitching from both sides tonight. but the giants just left too many runners stranded on base. the big hit for the cardinals was a matt carpenter 2-run homer in the 3rd. he entered the game as a replacement for carlos beltran who was taken out after grounding out in the 1st. game 4 tomorrow with tim lincecum taking the mound for the home team. >>> the 49ers are not happy about this. a man was stabbed outside of candlestick park on sunday. a brawl broke out in the stadium parking lot. philippe she cheingal has more --. >> reporter: which is what the police department said they do not want to happen at candlestick park. this video shows fans distressed in 49ers gear trading blows in the parking lot. fans should think twice before getting violent at the stick. >> as always, we are directing our officers in opposing jerseys and other plain-clothes gear. they will be monitoring inside the stadium and in the parking lot. >>
>>> giants fever has spread throughout san francisco! the grounds crews are busy getting at&t park ready to host game 1 of the world series tomorrow after the giants beat the st. louis cardinals last night in the pouring rain! they will take on the tigers. and it seems like everybody in the city is rallying behind the orange and black. tonight, the giants are holding a world series gala at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. >> reporter: about 2,000 people attended tonight's gala. you can see the hotel has an orange glow to it tonight to celebrate the team advancing to the world series. go ahead and take a look at this video. some in attendance wore giants colors, there was food and drinks as well as entertainment. there were even detroit tigers fans there. san francisco giants president larry baer was at the party. >> to have the world series in san francisco, it's just incredibly exciting. you feel like you have the world to your doorstep. and you kind of forget it's a baseball game! we have all the pomp and circumstance. then you got to guy playthe game. so we've been -- you go
bay and close to the coast line. 90 degrees in san francisco today. 82 in half moon bay. 81 daily city. 90s through the peninsula and bay shore locations, same in the south bay and same for tomorrow. we will have more coming up. >>> an amtrak train carrying 169 passengers from oakland to bakersfield derailed when a big rig collided with the train. two cars were pushed in the crash, causing the train to run off the tracks. it traveled 600 feet before coming to a stop. authorities say 20 passengers suffered miner to moderate injuries such as scrapes and bruises and possibly broken bones. the truck driver only suffered minor injuries. >>> coming up later in the broadcast, the a's pour champagne tonight and the giants and the dodgers. later in this broadcast. >>> new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a man was injured in a shooting tonight in san francisco. police responded to reports of shot fired in the block of broad street. the officer said when officers responded to the area they found evidence there had been an injury shooting and they locked down the area. later a man arrived at the hospital su
director, gary radnich in talk ball. because of the crush of people in san francisco, we're getting a preview of the official tally of bart riders. they had a new high yesterday, more than 319,000 people road bart. the usual number is around 2 00,000. people were here for the fleet week and the football game. we had a bluegrass festival and other festivities. the final tally for sunday is yet to be released. >>> the blue angels streaked across the san francisco bay today. the u.s. navy squadron wrapped up fleet week festivities and performed several stunts in the air near the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. several boats were in the bay to watch the pilots push the aircraft to the limit. >> look at the blue skies out there for today. clear conditions for tonight at the bridge. notice no fog. there is a little bit of low cloudiness out there. otherwise, some bright stars. we'll see the stars filter in as we get toward morning, look for clouds to increase after midnight. the clouds give way to sunshine between 8:00 and 11:00 and some high clouds, the high clouds coming from a weather
in san francisco. as we take a look at our current visibility, changes already on the way. visibility reduced along the coastline this evening because the fog is starting to reform. it's going to lead to a big cool-down tomorrow, 10-20 degrees cooler tomorrow! and that's just getting started! it's going to get a lot cooler this weekend. >>> the 49ers scored a big win tonight at candlestick! it was a low-scoring game. alex smith's 12-yard touchdown pass late in the 3rd and a couple of field goal was all it took. but another painful nice in st. louis! the cardinals roughed up the giants. gave them a 3-1 lead in the national championship league series. gary zito takes the mound -- barry zito takes the mound tomorrow. if any team can make a comeback, it's the giants! it will take a 3-game sweep to do it now. san francisco has one more game tomorrow in st. louis. if they lose, they're done. if they win, the national league championship series comes back to at&t park. >> definitely disappointed. i felt this way in the previous series. but this season has been a season when our backs are up
of triple digit readings out there this afternoon. it was even 94 degrees in san francisco, 86 in daley city, and 96 -- daly city. >>> the body of another of the fishermen who went missing after his boat cap-sized early sunday morning has been found. it was last night that the first of the two was located. their boat was hit by a large wave near pigeon point on sunday after they left the marina near candlestick park. four men were on board. two were wearing life jackets. they managed to swim to shore. two others went middling. now the bodies of -- missing. now the missing men have been found. >>> the recent delays caused by american alz could be coming to -- airlines could be coming to an end. they could restart the talks between the airline and the pilots. they file forward bankruptcy last year. a judge then gave the airline the right to throw out the pilots' old contract. >>> it's going to be a busy weekend! the giants, parades, jets, and sets. >> later in this broadcast, the a's, last night's celebration in their rear-view mirror, they're trying to tie up the american league west with one
to honor the world series champ, the san francisco giants. crews have been working around the clock especially here at the civic center where the parade will end up. one million people are expected to attend. city officials are urging anyone who plans oncoming to take public transportation or get there early. the mayor says this year's parade will be a little different. >> in 2010 many of the players were kind of put on the cable car, and a lot of fans said we couldn't see them. they had to go from one side to the other. so this time i think we have individual vehicles for the players and their family members. so that's one major change. we'll come up market street, and then of course turn off at mcallister and make their way down here to the plaza. then the players will be invited into city hall, there'll be public viewing opportunities there on screens that will allow you to see everything that's happening and listen to everything that's happening. >> here's video of the giants' world series parade from november of 2010. they took a different route opting them to start near the tr
owned this old san francisco creamery for nearly eight years. despite the economy is not made to make changes for the prices in two years. >> right now they are eating out more. and if they want something fast, casual. and something that is probably not going to hit them in the pocketbook that hard. >> the research bureau of statistics saying that there has been an average of 21,000 new jobs each month at food and drinking establishments. that accounts for 85% of the employment gains in the hospitality industry st. >> are you going to be hiring? >> yes. >> because we're getting to a were busier season we could hire a few more staff members. >> the summer was slow but recently more and more are dining... business people are -- going out to eat. >> this positive trend. there is more splurge. they wine. -- more expensive bottles the weekend. however, more restaurants are slated to open it that the outlook is improving. >>jacqueline: some clouds but all types of clouds. however, some of varied systems towards the increase with even a rain chance is on monday. first, the events this weeken
reading in los gatos. 74 in millepedes. 60s for the east bay shores. 62 in san francisco with 70s through the north bay, as for the blue angels forecast, it looks like the winds out of the north are going to be pick up on friday and saturday, so the fog will clear by about noon in the embarcadero. and you can catch the show live here on kron4 saturday afternoon. your extended forecast, cooler tomorrow, cooler friday and saturday. sunday upon the cooling continues as a -- a storm passes through. >>> one of our own got to hop in the cockpit and take a ride with the navy's precision flight team. grant lotus wasn't the only one though. the danville pilot best known for safely landing a disabled u.s. airlines jet on the hudson in 2009 was there too! you see him standing there. he flew fighter jets in the '70s and said he felt like a kid again! then it was grant's turn. >> 6.2 gs, which is pretty good. and we hit that on the break here. so we did pretty well. fought it off, stayed awake the whole time. we tid break the speed of sound. >> there's a lot more where that came from. tune in tomorro
will start tomorrow night in game no. 4. san francisco mayor ed lee that being the no. 4 will be live at civic center plaza on a jumbo drawn towar the drawn. and many cities and landmarks will be lit up in orange and black. the game tomorrow is 5:07 it will be alcohol-free. j.r. stoned. continues our team coverage in detroit. >> what do you know, but three-zero we could see a sweep. at comerica park. i spoke with some giants players after gained three and they are modest. they know how difficult it was to get here. >> we have to try to catch lightning in a bottle. i got that " from brooklyn. and we were just on it at the right time. we got it done one way or the other. >> it seems that we were close. we are not known for blowing up teams we are known for pitching and defense. everything about the way our season went it is very fitting the way that we have had victory is the way we have one. we are up 3-0. the with the we have- had victory. >> we are just playing a working toward we came here to play a working. and i think 3-0 was the outfield big enough for you? >> yes. >> it was grea
in san francisco this weekend is the hardly strictly bluegrass festival! the festival is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people to the city over three days. charles clifford has details. >> reporter: this stage is constructed completely with our crew. sherry sternberg helped start the festival 12 years ago. thursday, she and an army of roadies were putting the final touches on the stages and venues >> we've got most of the audio and staging up, a lot of signage still needs to get it. >> reporter: it starts on friday with a kids' day then opens up to the general public on saturday and sunday from 11:00 to 7:00. there are six stage, and each day will feature dozens of acts, all free. last year, 750,000 people showed up over three days. this is happening on a very busy weekend here in the bay area and that has added an extra challenge for organizers, specifically in how people will get to the park. >> with all of the other things going on, i just want there to be safety concerns with regards to public transportation, respecting the neighborhoods, that's a big priority for us, that
they don't believe the series will be coming back to san francisco. they say they are optimistic this giants team will win the world series. they say a lot of people didn't even think the giants would make it this far. for some, this game meant a lot though because it was the first word series game they attended. they say it was the worth cost since the giants won tonight. >> i'm just so happy! this is great! >> i think it brings everyone together. look how beautiful the city is with everyone together! and everyone is being friendly! >> ever since cabrera got put down, everybody thought we were in trouble. and they rebounded, and you got to give kudos to pence and scutaro. >> we're not coming back here. we're done. we're going to detroit, we're going to finish the job there. we're a great road team. >> reporter: the giants travel to detroit tomorrow where they will play game 3 and 4 in the series. >> all right! well, the fans are having a great time with this world series. we want to show you some of the hundreds of pictures fans are sending in to us to show their support for t
feel comfortable with romney. >> hundreds of people packed temple nightclub in san francisco to watch the debate as well. after being disappointed in the first debate, obama supporters were pleased with the commander in chief's performance tonight. >> reporter: president obama supporters say the commander in chief was fired up during tuesday night's second presidential debate. every time the president interrupted or challenged republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, on his record as massachusetts governor or has economic plan, people inside temple nightclub cheered and smiled. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: many tell me the president redeemed himself. >> total knock out? yes, indeed. >> phenomenal. it was good to see him finally calling out mitt romney and a lot of the republicans on their issues >> it's a mystery to me how people can be undecided. i decided a long time ago. i'm just looking for, you know, the guy to stand up and get fired up and get the people excited about voting for him. >> i don't think he did that bad the first time around. i think the expectation
of san francisco will host game seven of the national league championship series. the giants have won two in a row against the st. louis cardinals. going back to the divisional series, the giants have won five playoff limit nation games -- elimination games in a row and none bigger than tonight. >> these fans are happy. >> whenever there was a big play, everybody was waving it. >> you are still holding your rally towel? >> yes. >> with a win between them, the fans came out from everywhere. >> the locker room was upbeat. >> being able to watch him dominate the way he is now and be in the zone the way he is, that's him. >> how big was it to get on the board early? >> big. every time we scored a couple of runs, it just helped us move forward. >> last year we won three in a row. i plan for the fans and team. >> you looked like you were having fun. >> always, for matter what. i play the game and enjoy it. >> you guys have been able to focus on winning one game. talk about that mindset. >> we can't hit a 20-run hoper. we have to worry bun game at a time. when we were trailing in cincinnati two
. >>> gasoline prices around the bay area dropping slightly. a tiny bit of relief. san francisco's average price, $4.73 a gallon. the average is $4.67 in san jose and oakland. much of the blame for the high prices is aimed at chevron because of that massive fire at its richmond refinery in august. chevron has decided to keep the crude oil unit closed until the end of the year at least. the refinery is still producing gasoline but at well below capacity. no word on when it is expected to be fully operational. drivers around the bay continue to vent their frustration. >> $5 a gallon. i only get 3 miles to the gallon. so that'll take me home. >>> fremont is getting special recognition for innovations. it has been named the best city to start a tech company. alicia spoke with leaders about what they are doing to bring more to the area. >> reporter: phosphor isxhcx] wt converts this into white light for general purposes. here they're all about innovative ways to make lightning better. >> all of the new lightning requires ourg76 order to produce the white light. so we're enabling that entire industry.
in the 4. >>> san francisco now has $92 million in federal funding for its central subway project. it would create a new branch of the t-3rd line and link south of market to china town. opponents have filed a lawsuit to stop the project. they argue the construction would affect union square. >>> the showers have tapered off this evening, but they could be back through the overnight hours. the core of the high pressure system is moving down toward southern california, and showers are wrapping around the back side of it. bye lake tahoe, more moisture coming around, and this could wipe through the south bay through the overnight hours. very light rain, if any at all. cloudy in a few locations tomorrow morning but the sky will clear into the afternoon. and warm temperatures, tomorrow in the 60s and 70s. and continuing the warming trend into the weekend. tomorrow, upper 60s, low 70s in the south bay, 71 in los gatos, 68 in san jose. upper 60s, low 70s for the inland valleys as well. 72 in antioch, 70 in concord, 60s for the east bay shores. low 60s along the coast line, and up through the north
. >> the san francisco giants are leading leaving-st. louis and they beat the cardinals 5-nothing. game no. 5 of the national champion sep series. some happy fans. >> i never thought i would see it! i love the barry zito. >> it is great. and just one game and they will come back. >> i love the giants come all the way, barry zito number one. and really, that is what i am talking about. >> we have the momentum we are going to dominate that is how we do it. the next time, game 7, let's go giants. >> this scheme seven has a new start time at-4:30 the new the time. sports director, gary radnich will give us the highlights. and a police chase ends with a crash in the be district. they try to pull over his car but the driver took off and a crash between the san bruno interchange. however, possession of stolen car was the charge for the two occupants. who tried to take off >> there was any confrontation with a passenger on a muni bus. the good samaritan try to intervene and was stabbed in the throat with a pair of scissors. he is expected to be okay. >> also a group of six teenagers were harassing a
to the world series. they will have to have both victories in san francisco but the fans remain hopeful. >> it looks like the weather will cooperate but there will be some increase in costs as a storm system from the pacific gets closer we are already watching that weather system towards northern california. showers to the pacific northwest and a lot of cold air to the pacific. all of this cold air is going to press its way to the self. and towards northern california. towards the-sel--south watch for rainfall in the north bay. it will cool bay-area wide towards monday morning. mostly clear skies. and as for go towards tomorrow will start off with sunshine and some increase in clouds. those were overly thickened towards the afternoon. eventually, the rainfall will be on monday the heaviest could be in the north bay. the brunt of the storm could be for the morning commute and still a lingering showers on tuesday and wednesday. more about the forecast, coming up. >> thank you. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for
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